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  Our next YCBA meeting will be Thursday, April 14th starting at 6:30 PM .


Schedule a YCBA Extractor Rental

 We have 3# Italian package bees with mated queen for sale to be delivered in York, SC on April 16, 2016.  The price is $81.00 to members and $85.00 to non members.  Contact John Gardner to reserve package bees. 

York: John A. Gardner 803-322-1730

YCBA Beginners School: 
We will start our annual
Beginners Beekeeping Course
on the night of Feb. 25th  at 6:30 PM
and will run for 7 consecutive weeks on Thursday night. 
The cost which includes all lesson assignments, books, test and 2016 membership to the local and state beekeeping associations will be  $85.00 dollars for an individual or $150.00 for couples.  Additional information including registration forms can be obtained by contacting John Gardner (
jagsgg@aol.com) or Steve McNeely (tstevemcneely@bellsouth.net)

Pollination, Education, or Webmanager 
For more information about the website or to give update please email

YCBAMembers@YorkCountyBeekeepers.com or call Steve McNeely 704-564-5701.

"Honey Bill" passes! House Bill H4005  
Exemption beekeepers can request forms from A. Culler:   aculler@scda.sc.gov
Honey Label and Regulation Form

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About The York County Beekeepers Association - South Carolina

The York County Beekeepers Association (YCBA), while based in York County, South Carolina, serves members in York, Union, and Chester Counties.

YCBA is dedicated to enhancing the skills of our current members, educating the public with regards to our hobby, and encouraging new members to join our ranks.

Our beekeepers are fascinated with complexity of honeybees.  There is a lot to know and not one beekeeper knows everything.  Together we learn and grow as beekeepers.

Official Organization
We are an organized group with by-laws.  We collect dues once a year.  We elect a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  We have committees that help maintain the different Association committees.

Community Involvement
We are active in the community.  Our association tries to get involved in many of the community events.  Our community goal is educate the everyone on the importance environment safety.  Misuse of pesticides (household or commercial) can be devastating to the honey bees and other animals. 

We are also very proud of some of our members have gone on to obtain higher education in beekeeping.  Members can get a State Certification by taking a 6 weeks course, attending a field day and passing a 100 question test.  For the next level is to become a Journeyman.  This level takes much dedication to every aspect of being a beekeeper including serving in the community.  Journeyman level usually takes about a year to meet all requirements.

Honey and Hive Products
Most of our beekeepers harvest their honey for sale in markets, local stores, their places of work and right out of their homes.  Some harvest the wax for candles and other useful products.  

YCBA meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM for  "IN THE HIVE"  where we discuss bees and hive solutions.
7:00 PM Special Speaker
8:00 PM Business Meeting

Click here for more meeting information.

 We are here to serve our community and the honeybees.  If you need us, we can help.

Contact our officers

 We are also linked to the South Carolina State Beekeepers, www.scstatebeekeepers.org.  This group is made up of representatives from each district in South Carolina.  They host two meetings a year.  In those meetings they share research information and other hive related information.  

President:              Steve McNeely               President@YorkCountyBeekeepers.com

Vice President:      William Copeland     VicePresident@YorkCountyBeekeepers.com

Treasurer:             John Gardner                Treasurer@YorkCountyBeekeepers.com

Chaplain:               Cynthia Robinson         Chaplain@YorkCountyBeekeepers.com     

Secretary:               Michelle Herron           Secretary@YorkCountyBeekeepers.com

Jonathan Williams


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